via: ninaskyhigh

For the past few months, we’ve been working w/ Relentless Productions (“On Some Bullshit”) filming our every move. Literally… We have it all! We put up video blogs frequently but felt like we were being wasteful of some really great footage.

Then we had an idea….Let’s make A VIDEO.

The last music video we collaborated on, “On Some Bullshit” was a typical party, in-studio, lights, camera, action set-up. We LOVE it, but this time we wanted to do something completely different.

People are always asking us “What have you guys been up to?” so we felt like it was the perfect opportunity to answer the question w/ a visual.

“Beautiful People” is not just another video, it’s some insight into what’s been going on in our lives. This includes rehearsals, live performances, and spending time with some of our FAVORITE people: family, friends, and fans. A lot of artists have a different definition of what ‘beautiful’ means. These are good times with the most important people in our lives and they represent the REAL definition of beauty.

Look closely, and you might even see yourself.


Special thanks to Marc + Marc of Relentless Productions.